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John Campbell Rees

About Me

Obviously, you know my name and that I write novels, otherwise you would not be reading this webpage. 

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Q.  When were you born?

13th June, 1967

Q.   So you're a child of the "Summer of Love"?

That's one way of looking at it. A summer of high drama in the Rees household, as I very nearly didn't get born at all. A series of little events resulted in my poor Mother being left in a sideward and forgotten about. At 4.15pm my Father phoned the hospital to find out if I had arrived, at 4.28pm I popped out after a horrified midwife found my Mother.

Q.   What is the first thing you remember?

When I was about four, I can clearly remember waking up in the middle of the night,  seeing a landing light switched as someone went to see why a baby in another bedroom was crying. Above my bedroom door was a clear glass panel, and I must have known the light would not go out, and I would not return to sleep until the baby stopped crying.

Q.   Do you remember the first book you read?

No, but I remember joining the library in Treherbert and borrowing a book telling the story of King Arthur. It had lots of pictures and not much text but still far older than the sort of things I should have been reading at that age. My mother says at infant school, they were concerned I was a slow reader. Then when I was six, they tested my reading age before I moved down to the Junior school at seven. It showed I had a reading age of 12+, and the reason I was not reading the books in school was that they were too simple for me.

Q.    So, you have always loved reading?

This is like saying, "so, you have always loved breathing?" Even a bad book leaves an impression, if only how bad the writing is.